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About Us

We at 8th Day Landscaping stand for quality, dependability, creativity and many years of experience. We strive to set ourselves apart from the other guys by putting common sense, common courtesy, and kindness above the dollar. We go above and beyond the letters of our contracts every day to do the right thing.

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Our Process

When developing customized solutions, we combine creativity with realistic planning and due care in the implementation phase. In the process, we are guided by your individual wishes, needs and interests, as well as the existing vegetation, topography, house architecture and the landscape's character. The result is a harmonious concept.

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Design &

Creative Experts

High Quality

Products & Materials

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Our Quality Guarantee

Owners Daniel Alfred, Myles McDonough and Chris Mott, as well as several employees make up the team at 8th Day Landscaping LLC. We have a master gardener, designers, specialists and often collaborate with several other businesses and individuals to accomplish your goals.

At 8th Day Landscaping, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From consultation to maintenance, we will gladly take care of your concerns.


You can choose between a full planning or an individual consultation, between the sensible integration of existing elements or a completely new design. Our work always meets the highest quality requirements, and also includes fresh ideas.

Meet The Team


Myles McDonough

Myles McDonough is Head of Creative Design at 8th Day. If you're not sure what to do, he's the one to ask. Hard work and long experience, as well as an education in Landscape Design, have made him an expert in all aspects of landscape design. 


Chris Mott

Chris Mott is Service & Operations Manager at 8th Day and has been an Operations Manager for over 15 years. He knows what any company needs to succeed in today's economy. Hard work and customer care.


Dan Alfred

Dan Alfred is in charge of Project Planning and Client Relations at 8th Day Landscaping. On any given job, he'll be the first one there and the last to leave. He values things like organization, efficiency, timelines, order of operations, and cost effectiveness.

From lawn care to snow removal, we got you covered.
Tell us about your project today.

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